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Saniteettitilojen hygieniaratkaisumme sekä laajan tuotevalikoimamme avulla yrityksenne voi ylläpitää korkeatasoista saniteettihygieniaa.

Saniteettitilojen hygienia

Air Pure


Ozone has powerful sterilising properties. When it encounters unpleasant odours in the atmosphere, a chemical reaction takes place to neutralise them.





  • Powerful odour-eating action counteracts bad smells rather than masking them
  • Ideal for areas with persistent background odour or inadequate ventilation.
  • The level of ozone emitted can be tailored to suit individual room requirements.
  • As the air is neutralised, the room is left smelling fresh and odour free.


  • Elite Range H 23 cm x W 16.5 cm x D 11 cm (to maximum ellipse)
  • Stainless Steel H 16 cm x W 25 cm x D 9 cm (to maximum ellipse)

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Did you know?

  • The air in the washroom can be contaminated by multiplying bacteria, the presence of ammonia from the breakdown of urine and also the organic smells produced by users.

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